Our models are built on the proportions of the Queen Mary Harp, the Lamont Harp and the harp of the Jerpoint knight (Scotland and Ireland, 14th – 15th centuries).

            Our models, with their characteristic outlines and various sound colours, answer to the needs of beginners as well as those of concert artist.


Range Telenn

Inspired by the Quimper harp. Little harp perfect for travelling, learning…

 -21 strings

-3 octaves

 -From SOL 3 to SOL 6

Queen Mary


      A Queen Mary Harp replica. A fine concert harp with a brillant and crystalline sound.

            -30 strings

            -4 octaves

            -From SOL 2 to LA 6

            -Plain or entirely pokerwoked

Chevalier de Jerpoint


       Inspired by the Jerpoint Harp, close to the Lamont Harp. An energetic outline and large sounbox for a round and deep sound.

            -32 strings

            -4 octaves

            -From SOL 2 to SI 6

            -Plain or entirely pokerworked on the Queen Mary Harp model.

For the stage, at home or for travelling, the Herrou Harps accessories will soon be indispensable companions.


Accessories provided with the harp

Tuning key

Wooden harp stand

1 bronze string set

Other accessories

Harp case

Stage stand

Arc-en-Siège stool

Bronze strings

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