Harpes Herrou père & fils – L’atelier de harpes celtiques historiques

Herrou Harps Father and Sons, a family of craftsmen and artists, dedicated to a thousand years old beautiful heritage.

        Since 1994, the Herrou Harps workshop, founded by Joël Herrou in Plouneour-Menez in the Are mountains in Brittany, produces replicas of historical harps, carved and pokerworked according to the medieval techniques. Each of our harps is unique, made from local timber, entirely handcrafted with special care for detail, from the felling of the tree to the instrument tuning.

        The Herrou workshop has signed the quality chart of Hent Telenn Breizh, The Way of the Britton Harp association.

       Joël Herrou was born in 1943 in Plouneour-Menez. Harpmaker and musician, he has always been in search of Brittany’s harp forgotten sound. He has uncovered ancient models and historical harp making techniques. He has inherited a family tradition of woodworking. Living in his grand-parents’ village in the Are mountains, he passes on his art to his sons Jean and Mikaël both harpers.

The harpmakers

The workshop

       Jean Herrou was born in 1996 in Plouneour-Menez. He is harpmaker, harper and singer. He has learnt harpmaking from his father and harpplaying from his mother harper Violaine Mayor. He makes the harps of the Herrou Harps entreprise. He demonstrate the sound of his harps, performing in concerts with his brother Mikaël Herrou and the Herrou-Mayor family band.

       Mikaël Herrou was born in 1999 in Plouneour-Menez. He is learning harpmaking in the family workshop. He has learned to play the harp as a young child from his mother Violaine Mayor. He pyrographs and tunes the harps. He is also a talented artist and photographer.

Joël Herrou - Luthier et musicien, fondateur de l’atelier de lutherie Harpes Herrou
Mikaël Herrou - Harpiste, photographe et décorateur de l’atelier de lutherie Harpes Herrou
Jean Herrou - Luthier de l’atelier Harpes Herrou, harpiste et chanteur

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